In order to better serve our clients, Level Four is launching a new division, Level Four Business Services. It is a multi-disciplinary platform with a proven process to provide high-quality advice specifically to businesses and business owners. Our consultative approach keeps the business owner in the driver’s seat and refines your vision of where they are, what they value most, and where they want the business to be when they’re ready to exit.

Owning and running a successful business is a rewarding journey. Those who have built a great business have shown the necessary drive, sacrifice, and endurance to reap the rewards from what they have sown. In order to harvest the value that business owners have built, it is crucial to design and implement a plan that will protect and grow its value now and through the future transition of the business.

Services include, Risk Management, Retaining Key Employees, Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans, Nonqualified Deferred Compensation, Qualified Plans, Accumulated Earnings Strategies, Corporate-Owned Life Insurance, and more.  To learn more about Level Four Business Services, visit