Disability Insurance

Adding to our solutions and planning tools we have partnered with Disability Insurance Services (DIS) to provide LFIS producers with access to America’s leading experts in DI products and expertise.

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Since 1997, Disability Insurance Services (DIS) has helped Advisors serve their clients and close risky coverage gaps by delivering superior income protection and preservation strategies. DIS provides Advisors access to all major markets, along with the selling, technology and educational tools needed to achieve standout results.

DIS has a proven history of helping Advisors increase their volume of disability income and long term care insurance sales. This is achieved through a 5 step process:

  1. Cultivate and create entry paths to lucrative markets like Graduate Medical Education programs. These programs grant exclusive Guarantee Issue disability insurance offers to Residents and Fellows of approved medical institutions.
  2. Educate Advisors with a complete suite of DI & LTCi sales tools for individual and commercial markets.
  3. Provide a side-by-side carrier rate and provision comparison for both DI & LTCi prospects.
  4. Enhance Advisor presentation skills with one-on-one training, joint closing calls and risk gap analysis tools.
  5. Navigate underwriting and case management with ease. DIS provides 24/7/365 access to all cases in underwriting. DIS Case Managers have over 250 years combined industry experience and are very proactive securing underwriting requirements.

DIS has been repeatedly honored for industry leadership by many of the nation’s top carriers and industry publications. Brokerage Manager, Thomas J. Helbing is a 20 year industry veteran and ready to assist you with your next income protection prospect. Contact Tom at 800.898.9641 or 972.795.5813 with any immediate DI or LTCi needs.