No matter what you may hear from insurance marketing organizations, there is simply no quick way to grow your production and generate a steady stream of prospects that requires minimal effort and low cost.

The simple truth we all know is that growing your business is only going to happen if you develop a winning strategy, consistently put the work in, and utilize smart tools and platforms that make it easier for you to deliver your expertise to the right clients.

Our platforms and programs for business growth are designed by elite advisors who have regularly used them in their business for years.

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RetireReady Snapshot

Is your client on track to have what they need for retirement? RetireReady Snapshot uses a needs-based analysis to produce a long-term retirement income projection that provides a comprehensive view of a client’s current retirement readiness. This software will help you to better serve your clients and provide a much needed snapshot into their retirement and pinpoint opportunities in order to be prepared for what’s ahead.

Turning 65 Workshop System

This system is a turn-key training and educational workshop system that provides agents a way to provide unbiased Medicare election advice to prospective clients who are making important decisions regarding their entire financial picture. This system is ideal for agents who are looking to create residual income, get in front of new prospects, and promote other products and services to clients entering their retirement years.

Sales Toolkits & Point-of-Sale Materials

Complex planning concepts can often be difficult to communicate to clients who may not be familiar with industry jargon and tax code. We have developed tools to use with clients to help present concepts like Long-Term Care funding, Retirement Income Planning, Requirement Minimum Distributions, and IRA Wealth Transfer. These tools can be customized to your business to help separate you from your competition.