Agent Training

Agent Training

Green Glass Door - Income Maximization Strategy

Summary: GGD-IMS is an income play for clients concerned about market volatility and wanting the largest guaranteed income stream for life (annuity laddering strategy). It is a full marketing program that illustrates the benefits of using two annuities to maximize income and flexibility for your clients that is unrelated to market volatility.

Ideal Client: An ideal client is one who is impacted by volatility and wants to begin income within the next two years.

Wealth Transfer - Passing on the Legacy

Summary: This campaign offers a solution for recovering funds lost in the market for clients without time on their side (single premium simplified issue). It is a full marketing program that illustrates the benefits of using single pay simplified issue life insurance to recover funds that were lost due to market downturn.

Ideal Client: An older individual who may not have time to recover from losses in the market and wants to provide a legacy for their heirs or spouse.

COVID-19 & Life Insurance - Helping Clients Optimize Their Policies to Achieve their Goals During Uncertain Times

Summary:  The coronavirus pandemic has been and is creating strain on our country in many ways – economically, structurally, physically, and emotionally – and has increased our awareness of mortality. During these difficult times our clients want and need to know if they have everything in order to protect themselves, their families, and their business. Life insurance is a cornerstone of a well-built financial plan and should be managed like any other meaningful financial asset.

Unfortunately, most policy owners have no one engaging with them to regularly review their policies – insurance agents have no obligation to do so and other advisors may not have the confidence or expertise required to provide meaningful advice. We will review our Policy Audit Program, a fee-based, fiduciary review that leads to clear recommendations that increase the probability of positive outcomes for our clients’ policies.

Ideal Client: Owners of life insurance or annuity products and/or life insurance policies with special attention given to trust-owned and premium-financed policies.